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Hi 5696Arethusa
I can recommend both AMR and KPC (Kent Panel Controls) hand held units. Both can be found via model railway magazine adverts. Of the two, the AMR unit is smaller. You will, from my experience with these, have no problems. What you will need to install are some multipin plug and mating sockets (Such as DIN plugs/sockets) to enable the hand helds to be connected to their 16 volt ac supply and pass the controlled dc output to the rails. Normally the Yellow and Green wires feed the 16v ac to the controller while the Red/Black wires return the output dc to the rails.
No matter how long your layout the problem of volt drop due to length can be overcome by installing more than one track feed location i.e. run wires from the first track feed point to several other places within the circuit. Use something like 16/020 flexible wire or if your layout is a permanent one consider running a copper bus bar made up from stripped 1.5 or 2.5mm electrical cable around the underside of the layout. This will help improve running where high resistance occurs in fishplates (rail joiners) connections and at the same time reduce volt drop problems. If possible solder wires to the outside of rails to aid conductivity rather than use plug in rail connectors.
Good luck
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