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power problem with dcc

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Hello people new to the sight so here is my first post and problem.Brought a prodigy 2 at warley the weekend and a dcc ready class 66 i've since fitted a tcs m1 decoder and all seems fine,occasional stuter around one bend but i can live with that,now i have a simple very large loop 25 foot by 10ft its in the loft now to this i've added a sid
ing.The problem is when i manually flick the point the train stops! and i just get a buzzing noise every so often and the train slightly moves? now i'm useless at wiring and haven't a clue really so any help appreciated. Its 00 gauge ,peco code 100 track and streamline points. I'm sure its due to wiring but i haven;'t a clue!! thx
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You do not say where the engine is when you flip the points. Is it on the oval, or is it in the siding?.

If you have a short as Mike says, your prodigy green lights on the controller will be flashing alternately, and you may also hear a buzzing as the fan comes on. ( I have a Prodigy)

If the engine is on the oval, does it start off again when you flip the points back?

I use Lenz Silver decoders, as I find them very reliable and resistant to problems.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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