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power problem with dcc

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Hello people new to the sight so here is my first post and problem.Brought a prodigy 2 at warley the weekend and a dcc ready class 66 i've since fitted a tcs m1 decoder and all seems fine,occasional stuter around one bend but i can live with that,now i have a simple very large loop 25 foot by 10ft its in the loft now to this i've added a sid
ing.The problem is when i manually flick the point the train stops! and i just get a buzzing noise every so often and the train slightly moves? now i'm useless at wiring and haven't a clue really so any help appreciated. Its 00 gauge ,peco code 100 track and streamline points. I'm sure its due to wiring but i haven;'t a clue!! thx
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I think you will find that a short occurs as you change the point as the contacts switch the frog polarity, I seem to remember this has been discissed on on of the forums before and you need to cut the wires unde the point and add a switch to change the point direction and polarity at the same time.

Its also a good idea to put in insulated joiners to both rails and then wire the siding into the main bus, thus making it all part of the layout.

You do not say if the points are insulfrog or live frog so I think they are live frogs to get this problem.


mike g
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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