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Hi All
I asked this question of TCS regarding powering some functions with the blue wire and some by half wave.(see below)
now I have another Question
Powering the white wire from the red (half wave)
and Powering the yellow with the Black(the other half wave)
is it permissible?
Regards Zmil


I have a couple of questions regarding powering of the lighting circuits.

1. If you are powering the front and rear lights (white and Yellow wire) with the half wave power from the black wire (track power) can you use the Blue wire to power the other functions (Green and Purple wires)

2.Can you still keep existing diodes (for analog control of lighting) in the circuit?

Thanking you in advance



The the most concise answer is yes and yes. Though I am not a big fan of half-wave, you can mix you outputs into a half wave, and DC common, cocktail. Also, leaving the diodes in will not create any issues.

Best Regards,


Train Control Systems


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Hi Richard
I had a dead Roco loco , and I was trying to find out why
When I checked the wiring , the Rear lights were powered from the opposite rail to the front lights
I thought it may have caused a problem
This Loco (BR290) has very little space inside , so the decoder was installed on top of the motor in the Cab
The Loco had run hot and stopped working (I was told) I could not coax it to go
on dc or DCC
However when I stripped it down removed the decoder (TCS M4) and wiring
tested the Loco on DC direct to the motor , it worked
So next I tested the Decoder on my test motor , and it worked also
so I rewired the decoder back in place and its working just like it was new
I'm still baffled as to why it had stopped working ,
the motor was not jammed and power was measured going to the decoder and to the motor.
no dry soldered joints
I was sure it had been over heated and fried
But it works now , so far so good
Regards Zmil

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Hi Brian
I think the motor may have needed a kick start of DC voltage!

The motor I use to test decoders and program stationary decoders
is an old powered bogie out of a Fleischmann DSB Co-Co
First time I wired that up it would not move with a Decoder
put it back on DC and it ran slow at first , then it was OK
Regards Zmil

PS checking the mail today
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