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I'd say yes the American mass market is a lot bigger. The NMRA, National Model Railroad Association, has around 25,000 members and estimates that around one in hundred have or do model railways. In a population of around 301million that's a fairly big market. The US is split into modellers and collectors and the collectors collect brass models simillar to the GN s2 illustrated in Neil's post. The brass market is and has been renowned for it's quality, attention to detail and run ability of the models produced. Untill recently very few RTR models of steam locos were available so if you wanted steam models you bought brass. I modelled Chesapeake and Ohio and models of C&O locos were only available in brass and were expensive. Now many of these models were made by Japenese, late fifties to late sixties, or Korean craftsmen, late sixties to late eighties, in fairly small quantities, most production runs only totalled up to 500 models. Some runs were as few as 10 models. Specalist Crown series models refelect this as some models were fetching US$15,000 for a Toby Crown model, handbuilt, N&W J class 4-8-4. But these models are an exception for the norm expect to pay US$1000 for most models. In RTR Proto2000 from Walthers\Lifelike are all limited run models. Bachmann used to easily available but they are getting into the limited market, Athearn with the Genesis series do the same.


QUOTE (Gary @ 18 May 2007, 17:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thats amazing. How do they do it for the money?

(Maybe the answer is a limited run in the USA is the same as a standard run in the UK. We must not forget how small the UK market is relative to the German or American markets and prices in the UK do reflect relatively small production runs. From an American perspective every UK model is a limited edition!)

If this is your thing then you must absolutely order one!

For not much more than the the price of a sound decoder you get a whole loco!

Happy modelling
PS Neil. According to the spec the loco has an ABS body not a metal one.
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