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Well my christmas just came early with this model of the Great Northern S2 by Precision Craft. This was previously available as a BLI brass model and is now being issued by popular request as a regular metal body loco. It looks pretty good.

Price: $399.99
Product ID: PCM-023

The pictures shown are of the brass model, however the level of detail on PCM models is pretty good and should be similar.


Beautifully Detailed, Accurately Modeled Locomotive and Tender Body
Authentic Design, Paint and Color Schemes
Authentic Sounds (Sound Equipped Units Only) and Prototypical Operation
Many Separately Applied Details Including Brass Bell / Rails
Detailed Backhead
Operating Cab-roof Vents
Constant Intensity Directional Lighting
Lighted Number Boards
Factory Installed painted Fireman and Engineer Figures
Seuthe Smoke Unit Ready
Traction Tire Equipped for Maximum Traction
Locomotive Composition: ABS with Die Cast Chassis
Tender Composition: ABS with Die Cast Chassis
Locomotive Length: 8.75 in
Tender Length: 5 in
Total Coupler-to-Coupler Length: 13.75in
Motor type: 5-Pole Can with Skewed Armature & Fly Wheel
Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee Compatible
Compatible Tracks: Code 70, 83, 100 Rail
Recommended Minimum Radius: 18 in
"DCC & Sound Upgradeable" Units denoted as DCC & Sound Upgradeable are units that are not sound equipped and function only in DC. Modelers may choose to purchase an optional Sound & DCC upgrade kit, specifically tailored to the prototype which will add DCC and sound functionality. Upgrade kit works only for PCM models with PCM motherboards.

In March and April of 1930, the Great Northern Railway received fourteen 4-8-4's from Baldwin and assigned them to the S2 class, numbering them 2575 through 2588. The S2's were assigned to the Montana division for service between Williston, North Dakota and Havre, Montana, and the Spokane division for service between Spokane and Wenatchee, Washington.

One Great Northern S2, number 2584, still survives and is on display at the Havre, Montana depot.

I really wanted one of the brass ones but was too tight to fork out for it so I will defintely be getting one of these!

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Couple of points to add to the above;

Tony's trains are selling this for $299 which at the current exchange rate is 150 quid!

It comes with a Loksound 3.5 sound decoder, if you want a stealth one (without a decoder) it's cheaper at $224 or 112 quid.

I have also found out that you have to order this in advance as PCM and BLI models are now limited runs. From what Tony's website says you have to order in advance or you have virtually no chance of getting one. I couldn't take the chance so I ordered one.

As regards the quality I recently bought PCM's Y6b and the quality of the loco is very good. Well packaged for protection in transit, good detailing, metal body. The Yanks are very particular about scale accuracy.

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I had assumed it would be metal as the Big Boy and Y6b were. No worries I'll still be ok. The BLI ones had plastic bodies and they were ok.

I guess It's cheap because of the bigger production runs they do and also because the dollar is low against other currencies at the moment..
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