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Hi all,
I have a Hornby loco thats going to be placed in a presentation box to give as a retirement gift to one of our people here at work.
I have got the loco - a Hornby Merchant Navy class and the presentation box which now has a length of track laid and ballasted, but I'm wondering what is the best method of holding the loco and its tender in place? I don't want to just stand the loco on the track as it will move and possibly fall off and could become damaged. Equally, I don't want to glue the whole thing to the rails if it can be avoided.
I though of removing a couple of the screws that hold the loco's axle plate in place and replacing them with longer screws which would pass up though predrilled holes in the display boxes plinth and track and then fit into the loco, thereby pulling the loco firmly down onto the rails?What size thread are these screws?
But then what of the tender??

Have you mounted any tender locos in presentation boxes or got any suggestion on how to fix the loco & tender?

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