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I would suggest that the presentation display case and the loco should be presented as seperate parts of the gift permiting the new owner to set it all up as they wish. Modellers I know simply place the loco freestanding on the track when on display. Looking at the chassis on my Bulleids I can understand the difficulty. Even that plastic coated twizzle wire thats often used would be useless for this.

Really you need to fix a removable bracket to the underside of the loco and tender which is entirely independent of any of the loco fixings. And then bolt this bracket through the base of the presentation case. What you do not want to do is put any pressure on any of the wheelsets and axles by directly fixing the loco to the base as this could lead to wobbly running if the loco is to be run.

It might be a good idea to contact Hornby directly on this one as they may have experience in this area.

Happy modelling
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