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A typical UK outline O gauge production run might be as low as 500 models. Compare that with the typical minimum production run of 5000 for 00 and usually more for what is considered a popular model.

And you have to have a lot more detail on O gauge than OO as you can see the parts other gauges can't reach. So more production work required.

Happy modelling

PS on the other hand N gauge models are the same price as OO gauge. Surely they should be 1/8th of the price as they are 1/8th of the volume!

A typical Graham Farish should be £10 not £80. Yes, I know! However in late 1960's when the idea of ready to run N gauge was first discussed among retailers at that time that was the expectation. It was a massive shock when it was learnt that the price was to be no different to OO gauge!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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