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Printed Loco Nameplates

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Would that the R to R manufacturers got into the habit of printing exact, or slightly under scale, nameplate representations - in place of the invariably over size prints.

Not only would this expedite the straightforward fitting of the engraved substitutes, but would remove the frustrating exercise of print removal.
Losing count of the loco's that I have unintentionally 'weathered' on these stunts

Those buyers not interested in such matters would notice no difference!

Robt P.
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Better still lets just have etched name plates fitted as standard, this would hardly make any difference to the cost of the loco as you can pick up a set of good etched plates for around a fiver. These after market plates are made in alot smaller numbers than the RTR manufacturers would need to factory fit to their models so when you factor in the over-seas production and economics of scale I doubt it would cost much more to fit etched plates than it does to print name plates on to their locos.
apparently the bachmann model of the virgin thunderbird comes with the nameplates already attached, in the case of one reviewers sample crookedly! Something to do with the licensing agreement perhaps, heaven forbid a set of bachmann nameplates should find its way onto a heljan loco

Also my newly acquired model of 66701 in GBRF doesn't have printed names on at all just a crude diagram of where to stick the etched plates (possibly to allow it to be run prior to the fitting date of the real thing)
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See it is possible without making the model much more expensiv, I was forgetting that Bachmann sometimes put etched plates in with their locos, the only one I have is Golden Eagle which I've chosen not to apply the etched plates supplied to because in comparison to say Foxes plates they're a little crude. Has the Quality of their name plates got better along with the increase in quality of their models?
Unless i am mistaken a lot of bachmann's nameplates are made by shawplan for them, definitely the diesel ones anyway. The 2 loco's i have had from bachmann with etched plates are 37412 and 66701 and they both look alright to me. I haven't fitted them yet and will be practising with some older repaints before i tackle one.
I have found that the superglue gel works quite well as it has a fine nozzle and doesn't end up going everywhere. I was contemplating trying double sided sticky tape in case they need to be removed without marking the loco. Has anyone else tried this and did it work?
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Well all i can say is that my Virgin 57 has the etched plates fitted wonky as well! Must have been done in the same batch as the reviewers one was by the same group of people.

I can't wait to see the Dapol 66's in GBRf with etched plates allready fitted. hopefully they'll be straight when looking level at it.
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