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Hi fabben

Sorry to hear about your problems especially just before Christmas. Great to see you getting your boys into it. My kids love it also.

It might be a good idea to have 2 decoders (not hornby ones) Bachmann maybe on hand just in case. For me as a beginner the select was great value and I had hours and hours of fun with it. It generally did what I asked of it.

Unfortunately when I ventured past my door to clubs, new friends etc I quickly realized that the select had a few problems including the hornby decoders. Thats being covered on here already.

The kids love Dynimis, looks like a PS3 controller small, cool looking, and easy to use. A four year old can struggle to press the function + 0 key at the same time to operate lights on the select, where as its a button with a light symbol on it on the dynamis. I doesn't get any easier.

If your boys are still keen consider the upgrade sometime in the new year, I'm sold on it! and with no wires the best part is you can disconnect the bay station (without them seeing you) which does not effect the controller and tell the boys Oh I don't know whats wrong......anyway its bedtime now........ Worked a treat last night!

Happy Christmas and I hope you have hours and hours of fun.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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