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QUOTE (fabben @ 21 Dec 2007, 09:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>When I increase the speed from the controller, nothing happens, I have to give the loco a push, then of it goes. When I turn the speed back to zero, it just keeps going but it does slow down and stop after about two minutes. I've tried reprogramming it (several times) and change the acceleration/deceleration settings but nothing helps.


If you set different speeds (& direction) on the controller and then give the loco a push, does it set off at the correct speed & direction? If so, then that shows it is capable of receiving and decoding the commands correctly and it is almost certainly dodgy wiring or dirty pickups/wheels. Once it's going it just carries on at that speed until the decoder times out, although 2 minutes sounds a bit long for decoder timeout.

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