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I've just had a Lok Sound V3.5 installed in the Brawa BR56.

It's all working very well except for the cabin light.

The Brawa manual says the "interior lighting may be switchable by digital operating. Switch the sliding switch at the tender. With F2 the interior lighting can (be) switched". Now I can't find a "sliding switch" and this is not shown in the illustrations / parts list in the manual. Reading ("interpreting") the English version of the Lok Sound manual I've tried to alter a couple of the CVs without success ... admittedly I'm confused by it all. And F2 sounds the whistle.

Has anyone experience with this or similar task and can enlighten me please? BTW, the cabin light did work in DC mode.

Thanks for any assistance.

Paul (still in the dark :)

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*** I don't know who may have done it and don't want to give offence if a friend did it for you but... Your installer has either not installed or configured your decoder properly if that is the case. (That is, if you asked for all original functions to be preserved)

It needs connecting to the cabin light and should have had any function between 0 and 9 allocated to it (it will be aux 1 / green or aux 2 purple wire). The installer should also have provided you a list of the Fn and their allocation.

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