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Problem with trees casting foliage!

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I find that scenic trees purchased are now shedding the artificial foliage material. The shedded material, makes the layout most untidy and probably the locomotives will no doubt be picking up loose particles located on the track.
Any member who has purchased superior gauge 00 trees and willing to share names of the supplier, this information will be of help.

Cheers, double00.
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Autumn come early eh? My dad uses Busch Trees, they seem to be Okay.
Unfortunately I have found the ones which do not shed foliage to be the most unrealistic. I tend to keep my trees back from my rail tracks to avoid this and periodically vacuum the track area to rid it of loose material.
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I too think that if there is too much glue, you end up seeing it. A light spray is not too strong. Perhaps some hair spray or spray on glue to keep your existing trees together.
I've got a few trees that I bought in the Bristol exhibition last Easter from "The Model Tree Shop", which don't seem too bad ( I also bought one "specimen" tree from International Models, which cost me a fiver, but is superb, with no shedding of foliage.
However, because of the nature of the construction involved in these trees, I wouldn't like to guarantee any of them being trouble free. Spray with a cheap hair spray as a fixative is my recommendation.
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