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hi all,
iv got a problem with my dcc set,i have a hornby select,controlling a pendinlino dcc train,set @ "03",i also run a dc train
@ "00".
the problem me and my 8 year old son has is that the dcc train goes around @ full speed with no control over the speed or the direction of the train,even when you press the stop button the train still goes(if it hasnt derailed before then)and the same happens to the dc train,as soon as you put the train on the track it shoots out of your hand.
Iv spoken to hornby who have said it could be a faulty decoder!in the dcc train,but that dont explain why the same happens with the dc train.
i dont no what my son has done??? any ideas please
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Hello and welcome to the Forum

The Stop button should cut all power to the track , so the most likely problem is the Select station
Take it back to where you purchased it so they can sort it out


***Actually if I remember Phil Graingers review of the Select in Model Rail mag, the Select emergency stop button only stops the DCC loco under current control - the track stays live!

I agree it looks lke a controller issue, however its a good bet the DCC decoder may also be fritzed.

Stitch... also, its not necessarily your sons fault - Hornby DCC decoders and Select controllers are not the most reliable I am afraid.

Try this:

take off the DC loco and the DC loco - (by the way, despite H saying its OK its not good to run a loco on 00 anyway as its bad for that loco and also tends to corrupt the DCC signal for the DCC loco, making runaways common).

Now: Initial test of circumstance

Do a factory reset on the DCC loco if you can. The decoder manual should tell you how to do that.

Try running it on the reset decoder - the default number will be 3. (only have that loco on the track)

if its OK now, then the problem was probably c aused by the waveform corruption of using a loco on 00

If its not then its either the decoder or the controller are faulty

Now: we can further test for where the fault is....

Try running the non chipped loco on 00 - (only have that loco on the track) if its OK, the controller is probably OK and its the chip in the DCC loco thats faulty.

Either way - get a second decoder and run BOTH with DCC - it will lead to less in the way of future problems hopefully!


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hi thanks to all,
hornby have kindly sent me 2 decoders,so i will be fitting at the weekend.
i have done a select reset(factory settings) this didnt do any thing,i also tryed resetting the dcc train on a short piece of track with buffers on the end to stop the train shooting of the end,but this didnt do any thing as well,
will reply after fitting of decoder..
thanks all
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