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hi please can I have (unbiased if possible) comments on the fitting of DCC decoders to N-gauge locos mainly gf A4s I have had some one I shall not name the person!, who was recomended by a reputable large railway shop, to fit some decoders to some locos that I intend to purchase from the shop, however this is going back to July? the chap has had problems cant really comment on those but it has partially put me off doing the DCC thing I have a gaugmaster DCC setup brand new so far as I have only just completed the track and some scenics, I have been waiting for the products from GF and Dapol to come onto the market that are ready chipped so as not to have the above problem but the wait seems to go on forever, the gentleman doing (not now it seems) the decoder fitting has had the said locos from July what do other possible and DCC users think as I am am complentating going back to dc,
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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