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Problems with Hornby Select

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I received this with my email this morning: Anyone contemplating
Hornby DCC should carefully read this:

QUOTE I just want to bring your attention to a few of the problems we are
experiencing with the Hornby Select system and Hornby loco's fitted
with their decoders.

Firstly we have been notified of problems with running TCS decoder
fitted loco's on a Hornby Select system.
We know the Select will only work with addresses up to 59 but even
with lower numbers on the TCS decoders the Select unit will not
recognise them.

In addition, we are aware that the Hornby decoders are not
by the Gaugemaster system and this system will not read any CV info
from the Hornby decoders.

The only conclusion that we have been able to come to so far is that
the Hornby Select unit is not NMRA compatible and therefore will only
work with their own decoders.

Lastly, please be aware that the Hornby decoders that are due for
release soon have a maximum current load of 0.5 amps.
Hence we suggest people thoroughly check the current draw of their
locomotives before thinking of fitting one of these.
We know that many of the Bachmann range and certainly the Heljan
products will blow these decoders.
Upon release of the Elite Unit we will be asking Hornby for a complete
list of the current draw of all their locomotives so that we can make
sure we recommend the correct decoder for the correct locomotive.
Whether it will be forthcoming or not is another matter.

Please if anybody has any experience with the Select unit I would
welcome feedback and comments on the above.

Best Regards,
Adrian Hall
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To draw this to a conclusion then can we all agree then that unless somebody can actually point to which part of the MNRA standard Hornby Digital is not compatible with, that the following marketing statements made by Hornby and used by all dealers selling Hornby Digital is accurate:-

QUOTE Designed to be NMRA compatible

The Hornby 'Elite' supports RailCom ID detection® Lenz Syztems

Both the 'Select' and 'Elite' support 14, 28 and 128 Speed steps

Xpress Net socket for layout development

Let us all assume that silence is an affirmation of this.

Happy modelling
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It is simple.

Either the statement from Hornby stands or it doesn't. We need clear and concise evidence that Hornby Digital has not been designed to be NMRA compatible and nobody has provided this.

It is an absolutely pointless discussion until there is clear evidence presented pinpointing the part of the NMRA standard that Hornby Digital does not comply with.

Or are Hornby deliberately missleading people and Hornby Digital is not designed to be NMRA compatible?

I don't believe Hornby are in the business of deliberately telling porky pies.

It is a view held by one or two members that Hornby Digital has not been designed to be NMRA compatible and is a "DIY DCC System" and it is really this assumption without any point of reference that I find unnacceptable. All systems that do not have Lenz architecture are "DIY DCC Systems" on this basis!

Happy modelling

PS I have read Mark's last reply and he makes a valid comment. That is a fact and indisputable. This does not mean that Hornby Digital has not been designed to be NMRA compatible.

PPS On the Bachmann decoder question we need to resolve the main issue first before moving forward. You have not been forgotten!
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QUOTE Now they could map those numbers onto the proper range (the standard only seems to apply to what is on the bus and not the number seen by the user)

Surely all consoles that claim to be able to address 9999 locomotives directly (or whatever) have to map as they have to bypass the partition for the extended address?

Ditto those that claim to be able to adress 9999 accessories directly?

QUOTE Ultimately though, only the NMRA themselves could say if this was an acceptable practice or not

It appears to be an accepted practice.

QUOTE I think the best course of action is for this discussion to be parked until we get a full review by a mag or individual

How do others feel about this idea?

Happy modelling
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