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I run the lenz system, I have a set 100, and an aditional LH 90 handset, thats the one with rotary control.

I have absolutely no complaints, it has worked perfectly, and service is ecellent, including a free upgrade to the lastest firmware when they recently released it.

Im not too familiar with the prodigy, but one thing perhaps is sound. As it progresses, you will need as many functions as possible. Lenz has 28 usable functions, which sounds overkill, but some of my US outline sound locos already use up to 16 of them with various sounds and lighing functions. The UK sounds will undoubtably go the same route , so its worth checking how expandable the prodigy is.

The difference between 5 amps and 3.5 amps is probably negligable for most home layouts unless you have several people operating simultaneously.

Even with sound, 3.5 is probably good for 4 or 5 locos running at once with plenty of overhead left, and if its just you, then thats probably enough to keep you occupied!

Best bet, as always, is to have a play with both if you can, its often as much about what feels right to you as it is about specsheets.
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