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Hi Guys (are there any ladies?)

Another new kid on the block.

Just about to buy a Lenz 100, but tried a PA whilst I was there. The PA seemed very easy to use with some direct function buttons, a rotary knob, I like the idea of routing, but like the idea of non DCC point control, go figure that one. No Pc control doesn't bother me. There is no review of the PA here, so is the 3.5 amps of th PA compared to the 5 amps of Lenz really significant in day to day use.

My layout is three circuits about 14m each plus a terminus, goods yard and steam yard. The layout will be locos and rolling stock, as much as I can fit in, all point motors with LEDs, (more Qs later on that), not going to do much scenic, but I will be having DCC sound, and probably loads more LEDs in time.

What do you reckon guys, Lenz or PA?



p.s. Any one in the York area?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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