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Prodigy district power booster

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Featured in Los Angeles at the 2005 iHobby Expo:

Powered extension plate (shown with Prodigy district power booster). For use when five or more walk-around or extension plates are needed with Prodigy Advance or Prodigy Express. $49.98. Model Rectifier Corp.

Prodigy district power booster. Provides additional 3.5 amps. Includes RJ-45 connector. Can be mounted under layout. For use with Prodigy Advance and Prodigy Express. $149.98. Model Rectifier Corp.

This will work with the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance DCC system available in Europe.

Also on show:

LokSound micro digital decoder. Operates on DC, Digital Command Control (DCC), Motorola, Selectrix. Features back electro-magnetic field, 32kHz pulse frequency, two outputs for light functions, and two additional function outputs. All sounds are active in DC operation. Measures 5 mm x 10 mm x 28 mm. Fits locomotives in N and TT scales. Electronic Solutions Ulm

This is really tiny for a sound chip.

And more:

Speakers with baffle and wire harness. 16 x 35 mm rectangle ($11.98), 20 x 40 mm rectangle without baffle ($12.98), 20mm round ($11.98), and 28mm round ($11.98). Model Rectifier Corp.

This is a good product designed to get the best out of model loco sound chips.
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