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Project Update 2

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Hi Guys here is the latest on my new project layout.

As you can see I have been busy.

If you have any questions please ask.


Let me know what you think peoples views are always important.

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Coming along nicely Peter - the graffiti shows a "nice" touch. Look forward to the next progress report.
Realistic looking track
It goes to show that pictures speak louder than words

Keep them coming, always good to see modelling techniques.

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I like the track colouring / weathering, Very nice indeed!
One small ctitisisim, Those "ears" sticking out from the Peco point tie bars would look better removed. If you don't mind me saying.
Overall a most realistic looking layout.
Kind Regards

Very good ballasting ,very impressive. Are yr rails and points Peco ? If so how did you manage to get rid of that yellowish look of rails. I know air spraying with a rust or more dark color does the thing but usually after spraying have to wipe out the excess paint from the top of the rail. Yours seems so realistic even its darker on the top ends as far as I can see from the pictures.

Great work!

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Well the track has been air brushed with revel satin black and railmatch sleeper grime I have some more work to do on the track which all Peco code 100 the very last thing that I will do after all of the layout is finished is to clean off the rail tops so that I can run the trains on it.
The concrete sleepered track was masked before it was airbrushed then the sleepers were weathered.

I've got to say Peter that two words come immediately to mind those being 'dog' and 'dangle'
Very nice indeed. It's a pity you're going to have to clean the running surfaces of the rails as the present look keeps everything toned down rather nicely.

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Very nice Peter

I agree with Dukedog; if you can afford to lose the "ears" on the points, you should.

The retaining wall reminds me of the scalescenes edition, particularly the grafitti.

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Well David they are the scalescenes wall I will be losing the ears when I have the whole thing up and running at the mo I'm using an EZ command unit to power it all as soon as I have a Dynamis ant the points are wires up to accessory decoders I will.

I'm going to do some trials on some spare track with some carr's blackening fluid and see if I can darken the track and the power being ok as well.

Nice work Peter. I like the point motors, the track side telephone and the PGLS. They add authenticity. Will you be adding trackside conduits and control cabinets as well?

Very nicely done so far Peter, I am a great believer in the little touches that make the whole. (oh and that appears to be a splendid Fuschia in the second photo.)


Well here are some more pictures I have added a few things and ballasted some more bits and will blend them in when the weathers better so I can use the air brush.

Oh and I have added the fuel unloading and re fuelling point.

Just a few more bits done I'm waiting for a few bits to arrive then I can start on the depot building.

As usual please let me know what you think?

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What hight have you got the retaining wall?
It's very high, the buttresses I take it can be made to stick out more or less?
On the Scalescenes site they look like they stick out more with more of an angle to them.

The walls are 125mm high I have adapted the Scalescenes walls to suite what I need.
Its the sign of a good model that cam be adapted in this way.

>On the Scalescenes site they look like they stick out more with more of an angle to them.
They do. As Peter says, he has adapted them to suit his requirements. Here's a photo of what they look like when built to full height with the angled buttresses:-
Train Rolling stock Track Railway Rolling



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Thanks for that.

I agree with Peter, it's great that the models can be adapted so easily to suit your own layout and space available.

I must say I have been tempted a few times to clean off the rails and have a play but it would set me back as I can do what I want at the moment "wich is Nice"

Ok Well things have been moving on and I have got quite alot done since my last posting.
Well here are the pictures.

As usual Please let me know what you think.

Some more pictures to morrow.

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looking good pete.

hope mine will look that good when i finally do some more on it.

what size is it?


Its two 4' sections by 1' wide.

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