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Prototypical Couplers

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I was given a present from one of my fellow modelrailroader who has recently visited the Cologne modelrail fair.

Its an exact replica of a prototypical coupler that we usually see on most rolling stock.

Great looking isn't it, and its not over comes with NEM socket clips:

...and here is how it looks when coupled:

Amazing. Throw your kadee's and tension couplers away, the real thing is here.

But there is a catch to it

Uncoupling is impossible. Its plastic and can easily negotiate curves and can pull up to 10-15 coaches.

For modelers who does exhibitions and for rivet counters its great stuff. A wee bit of weathering and off you go.

Uncoupling? Well you can put your kadee's infront and on the back of your rolling stock rake.

Company who produces it is called "Makette models",a French company.

Not bad at 10 euros ( 6 pairs )

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QUOTE (jim s-w @ 13 Nov 2008, 14:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>They also look like a real pain to couple up,

Actually they are quite easy to couple up & uncouple - I have used them & the only reason that I don't use them on SL is that in the event of a derailment under the OHLE its not that easy to remove the offending wagon quickly (to get the "show" moving again).
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