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Pullman Class 73

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Ciao to all of you.
I'd like to know if the class 73 in pullman livery, right now available by Hornby, is the correct choice for the 5 pullman coaches made by Bachmann.
Please consider that I'm interested in modelling the period 1900-1965.
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The 73 in pullman livery is only for the more modern VSOE oreint express train so is better suited to the hornby pullmans.
Hi Francesco,

In answer to your query about the Pullman class 73. This locomotive would not be suitable for use in the era up to 1965 as it was only painted in this particular livery in the mid 80's.


Thanks very much for the answers.
So, which loco I have to use with the Bachmann pullmans?
QUOTE (mifsit @ 8 Dec 2006, 16:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Green livery Class 55 Deltics

Or in fact just about any green liveried diesel /steam loco. Additionally don't forget that the modern VSOE stock is all restored and is not all modern stock.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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