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Putting ideas together

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just putting ideas together about what i can do. haven't decided where my track is to go nether the layout.
started making buildings, walls etc out of plaster (i feel it is more hard wearing than card), which I'm improving on slowly.

as you can see from the pic's a long way to go.
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QUOTE (Dinwiddy @ 19 Jan 2008, 16:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>looking good - are you using Linka?

David Y

Yes it is Linka, i find it's easy to use.

if you interested in some:

This is my track plan, please comment on.
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QUOTE (Expat @ 1 Feb 2008, 05:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Matt,

Just a little tip on using Linka. I mix some powder paints (brown, black & yellow) in with the plaster ( I actually use Artex powder) which produces a 'stone' colour. You can get brick colouring using red, yellow, brown & black. You will need to do some mix trials to get the colour/shade you want but don't overdo the powder paint as it does tend to weaken the plaster.

Also if you do not completely mix in the powder paint you can get 'streaks' and 'blobs' of colour which give a more natural and varied effect.

The advantage of this is that if, at some future date, the structure is slightly damaged, you do not get a glaring piece of white plaster showing up. I also weather my Linka structures by dry-brushing very small amounts of powder paint onto the finished building before spraying the whole thing with a matt varnish.

I would be interested to know the size/ gauge of your layout as some of those gradients look as though they might be quite steep.

Keep up the good work


Yes, i have started this method and it's coming on well.

the gauge is OO, where are you looking at? perhaps it's not clear on the layout.
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QUOTE (Expat @ 1 Feb 2008, 18:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Matt,

I'm looking at the distance between the station at the bottom of the diagram and the point where the two tracks cross over each other. If the drawing is to scale I would guess this distance is about 4 ft or maybe 6 ft at maximum which would make the gradient somwhere between 1 in 20 and 1 in 25 which is very steep and would certainly limit the number of coaches/wagons that could be pulled up it.

I think the normally recommended maximum grade is 1 in 36 but personally I try not to go any steeper than 1 in 50. The grades on my current layout are max 1 in 58 and min 1 in 84.



oh, i see. I have tried this layout but as you say i didn't have many coaches. Thank you for the advice.

Made my table, now just getting some track together. coming on slowly.
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QUOTE (Duztee @ 6 Feb 2008, 10:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Matt,
Welcome and I hope you are enjoying your new hobby.
But I have to say that is one hell of a hammer you are using to put track pins in with!

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QUOTE (qweasdzxc @ 21 Feb 2008, 20:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thats a really good track plan
post photos when your done

oh thanks, i have added another track in the mountain side too.

yeah i'll have to get some more pic's. only doing a bit a week, slowly does it.
QUOTE (Basil @ 23 Feb 2008, 08:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Looks like you actually have a designated space for your layout. Mine is currently in a few boxes (it is a sizable layout) and my engines are in a tool drawer on track so it acts like a workshop. (i.e I,m fixing up the attic for guests - damn them)

I also like to hammer for the track pins and it must be fun fixing on the track with maybe a few sore thumbs etc.

Welcome to an excellent hobby and the ability to make any layout you wish. I would take the advice above and keep the gradiens light. and the advice of sticking to 1:33 would seem sensible. Any more and you will limit the operation. I would like to achieve steeper gradients but it depends on the loco being used.



i have changed the track slightly, i will post pics today and my progress on the track.
the tracks no longer cross over up to the mountain side.
post pics soon
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the height of the track at the back is 14cm.
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i'll lower the height of the track.
Thanks again for the advice.
Decided to keep it all one level, i don't have enough room.
will have a "small" hill to the station instead.
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