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Putting ideas together

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just putting ideas together about what i can do. haven't decided where my track is to go nether the layout.
started making buildings, walls etc out of plaster (i feel it is more hard wearing than card), which I'm improving on slowly.

as you can see from the pic's a long way to go.
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Hi Matt, you've done the right thing joining this forum as these fellas know what they are talking about. If I had joined 12 months ago it would have saved me alot of cursing and throwing my toys around the room trying to get one line to cross another. After experimenting and running every train and bit of rolling stock I own up a gradient,I finished up with an overall climb of at least 15 feet and it only just clears the double mainline underneath it. There is also a branchline disappearing under my station to a terminus,(this is detachable as it fills up the rest of my room) its also about a 15 foot incline and a class 37 starts to slip if it has more than 8 coaches. Through my personal experience,if your unsure about something ask these guys! And dont forget to have fun
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