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Does anybody else wonder how Queen Victoria (Sunday 31st March, ITV) was taken to Osborne House on a single track railway from, presumably Waterloo station on the LSWR main line, in a train consisting of chocolate and cream BR Mark 1 coaches hauled by a Somerset & Dorset 8F carrying a Class B single headlamp? It never fails to amaze me how programme makers go to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of street scenes, costumes etc but stick on any old steam train and think that nobody will notice! Incidentally, the railway in question looked suspiciously like the West Somerset Railway which, if I remember correctly, does not run anywhere near Waterloo or the Solent.

Just saying


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Without research as to the specific journey mentioned, I would be surprised if QVic had travelled in coaches other than her own designated Royal Coaches. Her Maj's were blue and very well appointed inside, indeed. I suspect that the film makers paid little attention to the importance of protocol of the time {as they do for more recent times}.


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