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Query over a Lenz set 100

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The lower display on my Lenz handset doesn't not show the "F" as the handbook states it should, and possibly as a consequence I cannot access functions 9-12, i.e when i press function 9, (9 then appears where the "F" should have been), to get the higher numbered functions via 1,2,3,4, I actually operate function 9.

Assistance anyone?

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Your handset must be on new 3.6 firmware level as that now supports 29 functions (F0 - F28). The F symbol is no longer used - instead you use the + and - keys to switch between 3 function groups. Vertical bars are displayed to show which of the 3 function groups you are using at the time. All of this is in the 3.6 version of the manual which you can download from the Lenz web-site.
Sorted, thanks RFS.

Perhaps that what the dayglo pink and orange bits of paper were trying to say in German.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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