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I am a newbie in the world of DCC, I just bought a starter kit with a Dynamis controller. (I hope this is a future proof controller
). Wht I like to do in the future is to set up my track and get the points and signals working automatically from my PC. So I hope you can help me with the following questions:

1. Is it possible to connect the Dynamis to the computer??
2. How can you connect the signals and points to the controller (Is there a link for an idiots guide
, which I need)?
3. Can you buy equipment from the US, as it is cheaper over there?
4. How do you know what your loco can do i.e can it do sound, lights etc. ?

I know there are a lot of questions here but I like to give it a real go and I don't want to be dissapointed at the first hurdle.

I hope you can help me .


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The basic Dynamis set can't be used with a PC. The Dynamis Pro box that will come out later will probably have some sort of PC interface.

If you have high aspirations for DCC, then perhaps you should have gone for a system that already works with computer control eCoS, Lenz or another. Dynamis is a bit of an unknown system. No idiots guide out yet. Look at the posts in this forum and most questions will be answered though as most have been asked before.

You can buy DCC equipment from the States to work with European systems. I do it all the time. Go figure...

When you buy a loco, it will say what it can do and how ready it is for DCC. When you by a decoder to add to a loco that doesn't have one in, look at the specs on the decoder for what it can do. Most locos will not have lights pre fitted, you will have to do this yourself. If a DC loco has directional lighting, you will have to modify the lighting circuitry to work with DCC. A DCC Ready loco, has the lighting circuits pre wired for DCC and you just have to plug in the decoder. Sound to has to be added unless the loco comes with it. You have to have a special DCC sound decoder or DCC decoder and compatible sound module and space in the loco to fit it.

See the DCC quick links above this DCC section.

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If you want an idea of what's involved in fitting a decoder, check out the reviews section. Most of these have details on conversions. The Bromsgrove Models website is another source. Steam locos tend to be more difficult than diesel.

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