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for individual, or paired wires from poles I have in the past used the copper windings of a redundant electric motor.

these I have stretched out to remove kniks...carefully, as it is fragile stuff.....then carefully applied to pole terminals with a loop or two secured with a drop of Cyano.

to achieve the realistic 'droop' is easy, but needs really doing on a firm surface first.....simply carefully 'bend'the wire to the required droop before fixing.

however, it is fragile, will not withstand an errant finger...and needs colouring.

now, is it black, or is it green?

the issue of stringing wires is dubious.

when I did it, I modelled the US scene, and in urban areas, poles and wires being a major iconic detail to my british eyes.

but, in the end, stringing wire was a waste of time......I had little time for repeated repairs, and not all the poles could be strung anyway, as access was needed for the ungodlyhandfromthesky.......switching being ackward even with the use of Kadees.

For some of the british telegraph poles often seen up to the early dayz of diesels, there were so any wires from each pole, the actual replication of this wire forest seems......... pointless.......??

the odd wire, to complete a highly-detailed scene, on the other hand, may be worth it?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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