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QUOTE (Lancashire Fusilier @ 17 Mar 2008, 16:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>As an aside to the above post regarding the operating head code lights, would they be able to be used as the lamps for semaphore signals too? I am thinking of the LMS Adlake typ which to be honest in 00 scale is quite small, and if I didn't need to drill out a white metal casting myself, these ones from First Class may be the go. Thoughts anyone?

***I and most I know doing working semaphore lights are using 0603 SMT type LED's with ultra fine magnet wire soldered to them - this will fit inside the lamp if the drilling is done carefully. I have some images of signals fitted with them somethwere - meanwhile here is a photo against a ruler to show size - this brightness is too high by the way - I use 10~12k ohms on them when in a signal lamp.

I have these ex stock if you'd like to PM me

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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