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The power supply that comes with an ECOS is 90VA which equates to sround 4.0 Amps track power.

The Marklin Central Station has always been limited to 2.8 Amps track power, no matter what transformer you used. Apparently this is a software limit, hence the update to 3.0 will remove the limit, but you then need the 90VA psu.

Also, as I understand it, the 90VA psu is a stabilised power supply, which the Marklin 60VA units may not be. Richard can explain why a stabilised psu is better for digital control far better than I can.

The other aspect of the 149 Euro package, again as I understand it, is that ESU will also be providing the user with an extended warranty on the Central Station. Although I have so far not expero=ienced any issues with my Central Station, there are several reliability isssues reported on, so the extended warranty is probably worth having.

As an owner of both the ECOS and the Central Station, I will probably pay for the upgrade, and then sell my ECOS. The reason I had to have both was I need both MFX and DCC. My Central Station is part of a large starter set, and I don't really get on with the motorised controls on the ECOS, just a personal preference.

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