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QUOTE (john woodall @ 20 Oct 2008, 05:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Cheap booster or expensive stylus?

That being said, the CS1 will turn into a Marklin badged ECOS.

Will be interesting to see what direction Marklin takes (is railcom a real option for them perhaps?) and what inovation they come up with.

that said the lack of a colour screen for the CS1 and ECOS is surprising!


It is not a booster, it is a power supply unit. Among the FAQs on the subject on the ESU website is one whether the software update will be available without the PSU and the answer is No, because the CS1 needs a good PSU to reach its potential. I don't find that a very convincing argument, but if you do not pay the money you are stuck with an obsolete product. If you pay you get, as John points out, what is almost a full ECoS and subsequent software updates are free.
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