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R158 pickup

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I have a diesel railcar r157/8 and wondered if anyone could tell me the part number for the pickup on the non powered car I believe they just power the light. I can't find a part sheet for the non powered car anywhere might not be wording my search right. Thanks in advance Cliff
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Have you tried the Lendons of Cardiff site? They have an extensive collection of poop sheets which can be very useful. Sometimes it is simple, other times - particularly with older products - it's necessary to open loads of them to find the right one; also don't just try Triang, look at Hornby too.

Thanks for replying I have looked through most of these also Peter's spares and another site the name of which I can't remember at the moment guess I shall have to just keep looking thanks again
Thanks for replying unfortunately that's not the right part I've already sent for that spring and it does work on the power bogie but not the unpowered car which just has pickups to the axle to power the directional lights do you know what these pickups would have been made from as I am not Very good at electrical connectors thanks again Cliff
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