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First up I agree with Goedel on looking forward to the IC2000 double decker carriages but whether or not that is near future seems to be anyone's guess; they were supposed to be out in 2006 originally. Does anyone know what factors brought the very long delay in these appearing in production?

I would also love to see the RABDe 500 tiliting train but I'm not holding my breath as the CISALPINO ETR470 never made it into N. Perhaps a CISALPINO Re484 with a set of EWIV coaches from someone - not Wabu as they are out of my price league

A revamp of the classic Swiss locos would be good I'm sure. I do not have an Ae6/6 as they do come across as below par although I am perhaps not as downbeat about the Re4/4 s currently out there. I have one from Arnold which is a very neat model and good runner (I think they may have had more than one version as opposed to paint schemes with later ones rather better) although the one I have is the same running number (11178) as the current Fleischmann offering in SBB red (7344). The Minitrix earlier Re4/4" in green is nothing special perhaps and does look a bit dated. How good is the one in Re420 guise in the new BLS set?

A revised BLS Re4/4 would be great - only the Arnold one around second hand (170) and any minor variations attracting big money (only ever seen one and it went for over £200 on e-bay). KATO/Hobbytrain did the BLS Ae4/4 and Ae8/8 but not the more common Re4/4 sadly. The new Hobbytrain Re6/6s are also a good model imho. Minitrix appear to have stopped producing the variety of Re460/465s although again KATO appear to be ticking over in that area.

Is it fair therefore to compare models from the likes of HAG, Lemaco and Fulgurex to the big 5? Much more exclusive and costly and therefore should be a better standard perhaps. Linking to the other thread about Wabu I, like Goedel again, would love to see somone completing the "package" with baggage cars and driving trailers both SBB and BLS. The price they fetch certainly suggests a market out there but what size take up makes it economical for a company to do a new model? Are Swiss models in sufficient demand across the main market which I suspect is Germany for the big 5? If not there is clear evidence of people with more money than sense when it comes to Wabu items

As an aside from rolling stock I wish there were some readily available Swiss signals in N; Micro Scale of course produce some high quality stuff but again at a price.

I think the future is bright as the German economy continues to improve and with the companies perhaps on better footings now. That said I suppose the Swiss (and Austrian) stuff is a relatively specialist area and minor compared to the market for DB/DR which is where the big 5 will most likely pitch their stuff.
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