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Rail Zip.

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Any Forum member used this substance with success or otherwise?
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I've have used Rail Zip, it should be used very sparingly. I normally just run a track cleaning wagon with a diesel now and again this is more effective. I've got two of the Roco ones which I modified, as with their normal springs I didn't have a loco which would move them. I then follow up with a centre line, with surgical fluid this works very well. Now and again I also use a soft rubber like that sold by the 00 association.
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I use methylated spirit applied with a lint free cloth. Is surgical spirit similar or is it the same as pure alchohol?

I don't have a track cleaning wagon, is any particular one more effective?

I use isopropyl alchohol on new track that has gone greasy (mainly caused by live steam or overlubrication of locomotive running gear). With any of these cleaners its the traction tyres you have to watch. If any of them get into the rubber it spells disaster.

The fact is though the original "track rubber" is very effective and I feel that I am giving the track a key when using this. Its like having your own mobile sandbox.

In terms of track cleaning wagons it is hard to beat the old Triang Track Cleaning Box Car. It had weight (diecast bogies and chunky plastic) and a nice solid felt pad underneath to absorb all the crud.

Happy modelling
Make sure you don't forget to clean the wheels as well.
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