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Completely new mould!

The Talent family railcar's design also allowed for an electric drive unit. The Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) was the first railway operating company to take advantage of this option. It ordered Talents in two versions: the three-unit railcars in the 4023 series and the four-unit version in the 4024 series. A total of 111 multi-unit railcars have been ordered, and the majority have already been delivered. Some have also been put into operation in neighbouring countries such as Germany.

The four-unit Talents in the 4024 series are in service in the Austrian capital city of Vienna's suburban rail network. They are 66.87 m long and their engines deliver 1,520 kW of power.

Delivery date: End of 2007

Although I don't model Austrian rail this one looks really nice. It is a four car or three car unit with interior fittings and optional digital premium with sound. The four car measures 787mm and the three car 599mm. It has flywheel drive and can be operated through the overhead catenary. There is also a three rail AC option available.
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