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A report of Railex 2005, a showcase for finescale modelling, held over the weekend of the 28th and 29th May, is now available if you visit the link below.

It was held at new larger facilities and this helped to swell attendence over the weekend to record levels. The only issue was parking as even though there was an increase in parking space available by 11:00 am on the Saturday all car parks were full to overflowing and visitors were having to park in the roads leading up to the show.

If any of the Model Rail Forum members or visitors who were at the show would like to add their thoughts and offer any show news that they may have then please do so below. I spoke with a number of the layout exhibitors and many of them are looking forward to reviewing the images of their layouts in the report. There are a large number of images and it will take a few days to feature all the layouts covered at the show so if you are are visiting Model Rail Forum and your layout is not featured do not worry. It will be revealed in due course in Parts 2 and 3 so please be patient.

Why not join Model Rail Forum and share with us further information about your layout and club? We all want to become top modellers and you may pick up a few new club members as a result.

Railex 2005 Show Report Part 1

Railex 2005 Show Report Part 2

Railex 2005 Show Report Part 3

Happy modelling
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