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Evening Bob,

Yes the railings are fairly delicate to handle when off the grid, I have sprayed them black with no visible fogging of detail. The master plan is to make a long base from balsa painted grey, the railing base irons will sit in slotted holes made with a small screwdriver. Brickwork supports will be balsa clad with Metcalfe brick sheeting with holes to support the side irons. I tried initially to cut some four sided columns direct from the card, it didn't look good at all, the white shows up on the corners even when toned down with a red fibre tipped pen.

For any readers in sunny climes, don't try this at home folks, you may have some trouble with the sweat from your brow (re Attic).
As for me, I shall probably get some of those Alaskan livery diesels and run them in my loft for the right effect, if I make a small hole above the layout it will look very prototypical when it snows.

Oh yes, Dennis, the postie is recovering nicely, should be out by the new year.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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