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Hi Guys,

One of the members of our club is utilizing (to be honest do not know the name of the software ) one of these programs to control everything(even trucks and cars running abt) on his layout.

It's infact doing incredible things with the program. His layout is abt 4x1.80 meters, Maerklin.

By pressing a button on the PC, a preprogrammed scenario starts; Loco's leave their sheds, couple with their rolling stock/passenger coaches, leave the stations to their destinations, leaves a couple of freight cars for the shunters to do their jobs in the freight yards..... and at the end all loco's leave their stock at the appropriate places and return back to their sheds. This scenario lasts for 25 minutes.You just sit back and enjoy.

You can always control it manually at anytime of the operation.The program has nearly infinite possibilities.

I personally like to control my layout manually but this is a must for bigger exhibition layouts where you just press the button an leave the rest to the PC while you attend and entertain the visitors.
He is now after the ECOs ( afraid there is a waiting list till mid July)

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