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I heard about this on the BBC radio today. Research on the internet reveals the following press release (from Eurostar) in January, so it's not exactly new but I don't think it has been posted before:

QUOTE (Eurostar)The Railteam alliance will offer travellers high-speed, high-quality travel across European borders. As well as Eurostar, other members include:
  • Deutsche Bahn - Germany
  • NS and HSA - Netherlands
  • ÖBB - Austria
  • SBB - Switzerland
  • SNCB - Belgium
  • SNCF - France
The rapid development of high-speed lines across northern Europe, linking major cities, has created the opportunity for an alliance under the working title Railteam, which has a vision to provide travelers with:
  • Seamless connections at stations
  • Through ticketing and fares - one ticket/fare for a through journey
  • Easy access to timetables, information, booking and train services
  • Real time journey information
  • Universal, high-quality standards of customer service and facilities, such as on-board internet access
So now we can save the planet, have simple connections and enjoy the romance of travel by train all at the same time and right across Europe...right - I'm off to buy a Birmingham New St. to Vienna Wbf seamlessly-integrated ticket!

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