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I am absolutely thrilled to bits because I have just picked up a copy of Xpress Publishing's new (well © 2008) book in their British Railways Railway Centres series - No 1 Leeds Central Winter 1957. The contents page lists:-
Full details of a typical 1957 day's working.
1957 Working Timetable (Doncaster/Bradford - Leeds)
Engine Diagrams and Carriage Workings
Locomotive allocations 1950-60: Leeds and Bradford

The full details part consists of a description of all the trains for a particular day and position diagrams of where locomotives and their trains are located at 20 minute intervals. The position diagrams cover the route from the junction just north of Copley Hill where the Bradford and Doncaster lines diverge through to the terminus.

There are more photos of Leeds Central in this one book than the total of all I managed to find in my research so far.

I would have bought the book for the two signal box diagrams on the inside cover.

If you're not interested in the GNR or even less likely Leeds Central, why should you care? Well this book is No. 1 which implies there will be a series. If you are modelling a particular station in the '50s keep your eyes peeled for an edition which covers your station. I doubt you will be disappointed should one be published.

I am now sorely tempted to really go for it and model the place. I have held off because I've got a running circuit and ripping it up would delay running for months but my Dad keeps asking am I going to do a model of Leeds - his grandparents lived in Clyde Street which was only a stone's throw from Holbeck High Level station.

David - still extremely chuffed
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