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Railway Companies in the 1860's

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I was doing a bit of research on something and discovered the list below. It is a complete list of every railway company incorporated within the British Isles. It could be useful so I am putting the link here as I will no doubt be referring to it again. Could you imagine what fun it would be if you were a railway modeller and model manufacturer in the 1860's!
Now which company would you be basing your layout on?
The Tamar, Kit Hill and Callington Railway (TKCR) perhaps? :-

Found this site as well in the course of my research. All good stuff:-

Happy modelling
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I would go for the Great Eastern, as I found a distant relation who worked at Ipswich works in the 1870's. Thats the only person I have found who had anything to do with railways in my family tree.
It would have to be one of IKB's atmospheric Broad Guage creations,preferably built to 4mm scale but running on 28.02mm guage track using code 78 bridge rail.
Could then restart the P4-S4 wars!
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I agree with chrisgus I would want to model IKb's broad gauge.
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