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hiya group,

any advice, help or pointers on this one would be geat.

I want to build two flashing warning lights I can put either side of my OO gauges level crossing.

I don't want the ones which are activated by a passing loco, just two simple flashing warning lights powered by a battery or transformer.

I have no knowledge of circuit boards but I'm happy to give it a go if I can get simple instructions on how to do it and the shopping list of parts I'd need.

Alternatively, if a finished product is on the market at a reasonable price please let me know where I can buy one.

many thanks


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Heathcote electronics do a controller for the lights (LEDs) - details here

That still leaves you to source the actual crossing barriers / light standards hardware


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Thats an interesting idea, Id never thought about warning lights on my level crossing!!

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QUOTE (BobB @ 6 Feb 2009, 13:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What about getting a flasher unit from a car scrap yard, they work on anything from 7.5 to about 40 V smoothed and eratic DC. Might be cheaper !

I'd agree with poliss - yes, vehicle flasher units operate on a wide voltage range but they need far more current going through them than a couple of led's to actually flash.
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