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Railways on UK TV

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There are a number of TV programmes coming up which are railway related:

28/06/12 Thu Ch15 Film4 16:50 to 19:05 Von Ryan's Express
01/07/12 Sun Ch9 BBC4 19:00 to 20:00 Timeshift: Between the Lines - Railways in Fiction and Film
01/07/12 Sun Ch9 BBC4 20:00 to 21:00 African Railway
01/07/12 Sun Ch9 BBC4 21:00 to 22:00 India's Hospital Train - Lifeline Express
01/07/12 Sun Ch15 Film4 14:55 to 16:50 The Ladykillers

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Indeed Ron - have been watching the superb Riviera - History in Pictures series with Richard E Grant and they had the Blue Train featured...
QUOTE (frame69 @ 23 Jan 2013, 21:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>However far Mr Portillo may get up your nose it's still good to see rail related programmes on given that 98% of TV is braindead gloop.


+1 - I have thought all the GBRJ series very interesting and informative - and have them all saved on DVD as you can easily watch them again.

I have only watched 1 of the Continental series and have thought it was superb - I actually think he gets alot out of people by letting them talk and quite a few know he is 'into railways' so they take the time to talk to him - the Settle & Carlisle was a good example. Anyway - all v subjective.

Was interesting seeing Ben Jones on the BBC4 programme last night...
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Travel Channel is only on Sky (std) - not Fview or Freesat ;-(
Yep, and there was even a review of the programme in The Telegraph this morning....The Rise and Rise of Model Railways - be afraid, be very afraid...
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QUOTE (K9-70 @ 10 Feb 2013, 19:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The BBC have confirmed transmission dates for a new series: The Railway - Keeping Britain on Track.

All programmes are on Tuesdays at 9pm on BB2.

1) King's Cross - 12th February
2) Summer Madness (Leeds) - 19th February
3) Standing Room Only (Reading) - 26th February
4) West Coast Main Line - 5th March
5) Railway on My Doorstep (Communities) - 12th March
6) Scotland - 19th March

Network Rail, TOCs, BTP and suppliers and contractors have all been involved in making this observational documentary, which will shine a light on the people who help keep the railway running, and the challenges they face.

Thanks for the update - PVR is set and now looking fwd to episodes 1 & 2 in particular...will be another nice little series for the archive.
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Finally got around to watching Keeping Britain on Track last night, and whilst I applaud the efforts of the producers to make it, it left me feeling quite depressed (for the key workers in the station) ie spending all those years of their lives doing those jobs esp the cleaner who had never been on a train!

And the chap in the Customer Service Office with the snap-off tie etc - are they that depressed when they start or does the job make them that way and if so why would you spend so many years doing it?

The Pakistani Station Manager was a thoroughly decent chap that will disappear as they retire; his handover to the young guy was telling ie all the tools from his box that got around the idiosyncrecies of the station to make it work for passengers. They could have at least sent him First Class home and with a retirement present...

The East Coast trains Manager just got increasingly more on my nerves with his patronising attitude - what a bore in his preso to staff (esp having dealt with ppl like that), and all he could say on waving goodbye to the retiring guy was 'And the train departs exacly on time' What a plonker.

Best bit was the driver at the start in the previews as he departed ' To Infinity and Beyond' ...excellent

Looking forward to the next episode in Leeds...
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QUOTE (dhargy @ 18 Feb 2013, 19:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>@reddo

Was that manager you mentioned the one in the poorly tailored suit doing the customer service presentation to staff? 'What a plonker' he was

Yes - that was him. And the bit at the end with the opening of the station where he kept saying how happy everyone was which didnt quite fit with the look on the faces of the service centre staff. A plonker (probably well meaning in his own little world) with no people skills whatsoever...
Just to say I watched the latest episode (WCML) of Keeping Britain on Track and have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the series, warts and all. Its a very good insight into our railway infrastructure and how everything is interlinked...
Cheers Ron - I will re-tune and see what we can find - sounds good.
Indeed and I also found it on FreeSAT as well as FreeView :)
These have been a great series (still some to go) and are costing me a small fortune emulating the diesels in model form!
Thanks for the heads-up. Am really enjoying (and recording) all the GCRJ programmes.
Will add it to the schedule tomorrow when it enters the Humax 7-day planner
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Thanks for the heads-up Ron. Need to check my Humax as the BBC swapped satellites last week and a whole load of channels disappeared for us non-UK residents.

Will be back in UK on 21/2 so will need to start programming furiously there. Is there a monthly TV Guide available?
QUOTE (Mercator II @ 17 Feb 2014, 19:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A late heads up for all Eastern steam fans and new build fans

On BBC 1 at 7.30pm tonight in the program Inside Out a feature about the new build P2 Prince of Wales

Its certainly on the Yorks & Lincs area and I believe in the North Yorks area and maybe on the iplayer later

Rats - missed this post and missed it. Was it good? Have the Hornby DCC Sound version on order too...
Great - thanks for that! Will watch it this weekend when I get back to the UK.

So I will hear you all talking when I run the loco on the layout then :))
I even spotted the latter in the Radio Times :)
Nope - really enjoy MP MP on his travels - though he does get to stay at some great hotels courtesy of the BBC and there never seems to be any riff-raff in the carriages when he travels
= maybe since its a weekday and they are all at work...
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