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Railways with a difference

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Hiya , Im new to this forum and would like to ask if anyone else out there has built completely different model railways - I am at present building a 7mm:1ft (0) scale model of the Listowel and Ballybunion railway thats used to run in Ireland. It was an odd and strange monorail system also known as the Lartigue system.

I was wondering if anybody else has tried or is in the process of building it. I find it is much much more interesting to build a model of something that hardly anyone else has heard of , let alone modelled I will post pictures here as i work on it.

It has acctually been completely rebuilt in Ireland now and is running - even though the locomotive was built by Alan Keef and is now a Diesel Instead!
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hello kitten.

Fascinating. you may not be aware that you are not the first to try and tackle this railway. another modeller did it about 5 years ago. it appeared at a couple of exhibitions and i never saw it again. i love models that are that little bit different. there was an article on it in the todeller i think.

i look forward to seeing some pictures of your progress.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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