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Rapido intending to enter UK RTR market

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Perhaps not totally unexpected, given the number of commissions they have executed and underway. There's to be a Rapido UK office and so direct presence in the UK. This information
came out on a recent US podcast, with little further detail, other than having a UK diesel model in development and expected to be announced early 2019.

What got my attention though was the statement that having completed some UK commissions, they now felt it was time to get some credit under their own brand name. Now that
was interesting, because in all the commissions I was aware of Rapido got easily equal billing with the commissioning parties (NRM, RoS, MR). Sooooo... There have been three fairly
recent diesel releases of 'better than anything equivalent previously seen in RTR OO' standard. Could it be that one or more of these were actually commissioned from Rapido?

Whatever the case, on the basis of now owning an example of Rapido's work in the form of the Stirling single, I feel this is all very good news.
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May I also add a little about Adrian?
I never knowingly met him but we corresponded through these pages by private messages on numerous occasions.
We had a mutual dislike of misleading “reviews” in magazines that’s for sure. We also had a mutual acquaintance who makes a nuisance of himself on a different forum (thankfully) and Adrian gave me some very good advice concerning this character.
I got a very good impression of Adrian, yes he was demanding but with the simple reason that models are literally as easy to get right as to get wrong. Obviously, this depends on having access to good information and this was something he managed as a one man band so why shouldn’t the larger companies manage it?
I consider myself privileged to have known him and definitely miss him.
RIP Adrian
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I too was on the same page as Adrian in this respect, gave up on the rags - apart from an occasional MRJ - long ago, simply because I wasn't going to pay for slack-jawed-yokel quality 'journalism' that was evident in product reviews. A particularly risible comment on this matter in the original format MREmag, to the effect that I was some kind of terrorist for expecting reviewers to be competent in measurements, appraisal of design quality and assembly standards, told me all I needed to know.That this was easily accomplished by contemporary North American and German product reviewers made any objection ridiculous.
Wahoo, I’m very happy indeed to read that, I find it most heartening.
I have had arguments with one C. Leigh on another fora where I pointed out the calibre of British magazine reviews in comparison with US and European magazines. His response: “I don’t like your attitude”!
There was another thing recently where this same chap stated that it was too difficult and too expensive to put scale drawings in magazines now - I couldn’t be bothered to point out that Eisenbahn Model Magazine regularly manages to accomplish this. Yet this is one of the cheaper German magazines, still around €7.80 I believe so rather more than a typical UK rag but so much better for it.
John E.
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