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What do I put here!?!
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QUOTE (Adrian Swain @ 7 Oct 2018, 09:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Magazine reviews are falling over themselves to award top marks, it would seem, without making any attempt to check the facts that are
available on the internet and on the LNER Encyclopedia Forum. It is a very pretty model but then so is Hornby's Thomas the tank engine !!
Hello Adrian,
Of course, the magazines are falling over themselves to give anything by such a commissioner, a 'stunning' review! When the commissioner in question has such a hold over their advertising revenue, what can you expect?

However, if Rapido themselves produce a new diesel entirely in-house, I would be quite confident that Jason, Bill, Gareth and company would go to great lengths to ensure it is correct. Fingers tightly crossed for a new 'Peak'.
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