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Rapido intending to enter UK RTR market

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Perhaps not totally unexpected, given the number of commissions they have executed and underway. There's to be a Rapido UK office and so direct presence in the UK. This information
came out on a recent US podcast, with little further detail, other than having a UK diesel model in development and expected to be announced early 2019.

What got my attention though was the statement that having completed some UK commissions, they now felt it was time to get some credit under their own brand name. Now that
was interesting, because in all the commissions I was aware of Rapido got easily equal billing with the commissioning parties (NRM, RoS, MR). Sooooo... There have been three fairly
recent diesel releases of 'better than anything equivalent previously seen in RTR OO' standard. Could it be that one or more of these were actually commissioned from Rapido?

Whatever the case, on the basis of now owning an example of Rapido's work in the form of the Stirling single, I feel this is all very good news.
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*** I am not sure of the motivation or purpose of this thread.

Reviewers are simply modellers with writing experience. Editors are the same. POLICY of the magazine will rule the results. We should all be aware of that.

I too have seen a weakness in the loco in its choice of pin diameter for its 21 pin DCC connector (another thing not even thought about by the reviewers) but I simply posted that as a comment to inform, with the action needed to make it work better, because criticism without substance to validate it has no value.


I think Rapido should be encouraged as traditional larger suppliers are massively under-achieving and under-delivering new projects all round at the moment to the detriment of the hobby and the industry as a whole.
If it was me, and the model was one I had the knowledge to comment on, I'd probably be sending them a helpful email. Something like:


Dear Rapido

It's clear you really do care about what you create. Your XZY model is really nicely done in many areas but when I look at it, there are a couple of places where you probably were not supplied enough information.

I know that you have a well deserved reputation for going the extra mile to get it right, so in order to add to your knowledge here is what I have noticed: Perhaps it will give you a basis for later improvement.

* the underframe as you have made is correct for version x, but your numbering is for version y unfortunately. It should be 1234 to 1256 in your chosen version
* The gizmo under the whatsits was actually like this. (drawing attached)
* Your chosen variant should have this whatsits positioned just behing the drawbar (see this photo)
* Next comment with supporting reference
* Next comment with supporting reference

I am hapy to discuss any oof these issues if you wish. Please keep the new UK prototype models coming!

Kind regards, xxx


Anyway - from my point of view:

* The UK needs a new, quality supplier to chellenge the establishment and lead to, hopefully, even more improvement.
* Rapido should be encouraged
* We should not underestimate the long term risk of constant criticism without commensurate support - Those who create our models are only human.
* We also should not dismiss the positives that may come from supportive activity. The more we inform, the better they will become.

And... we really should keep the hobby positive.

regards, Richard
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