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Don't know when they stopped but I do know a Ratio kit built 4-4-0 MR loco was sold for £150 at an auction (a proper auction not eBay) at the weekend! I took an interest because I sold one for £70 about 6 months ago. The buyer was probably selling mine on!

Why not contact Peco directly?

Happy modelling

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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 23 Oct 2006, 12:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Untill about 5 minutes ago i didnt even know ratio did loco kits.

Blimey!,-where've you been hiding

Although not as common now,-they're not exactly mega-rare either,they did a MR Johnson 2-4-0 and a 4-4-0 as plastic kits,they were a bit dodgy mechanically,[did the later versions have an etched chassis??] but the tenders [which were available seperately]were handy for bunging behind the likes of 2P's,3F's, and 4F's

Shame that they're not still available..

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Ciao Peter,
I'm an italian modeller and I'm going to order the Ratio kit for the GWR short coach, but I have a big question:

which is the difficult?
Are they realistic?
What I'll find in the box?
What I have to be able to do (paint, soldering) ?
Are better the short or the long body?
Let me know any suggestion.
Best regards
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