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Ray's new layout - based on North Wales' Coast line

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Hi folks,
Well as I am going on holiday for 3 weeks, I thought I would commit myself into building a new layout on my return. My last effort was a 9ft x 4ft point to point with continuous run, but the curves were too tight and lots of locos can't run properly on it. So it will be ripped up in the near future and a new continuous run 10ft x 5ft (or 10ft x 6ft if I can squeeze it in) will be built in my garage.

The new plan will be a purely fictitious station, MPD and goods yard somewhere on the North Wales Coast line.

This is an 8ft x 4ft version designed by S. Jay that I will slightly modify.

There are several reasons for choosing the North Wales location (even though you won't glimpse the sea on this layout!).
First I am a LMS man even though I was born in GWR country (Hereford)
There was a large amount of traffic on the line, freight and passenger, especially with summer holiday traffic. Crack expresses like the Irish Mail and small local trains, it's all there!
I can run just about everything the LMS used from small tank to pacific and still be prototypical (except perhaps for the Coronation Scot - I have no record of that - but it won't stop me!)
There was some interesting architecture to be seen on the line.
In BR days, some unusual visitors were seen including B1's and even the Gas Turbine GT3.

I have a large loco stock so I wanted to include a MPD, just to have a few on display and operational.
The design is interesting enough to operate three trains (2 passenger and one goods), with plenty of scope for exchange of engines and also some shunting.

So that is the plan. I will take this thread all the way from baseboard construction, to track laying, wiring (DC not DCC) and scenics (mainly urban).
I will try to salvage some stuff from my old layout but there will be a new LNWR station building, Bangor style footbridge and other interesting bits and pieces. Other bits, like Engine Shed and Signal Boxes, I have already prepared (see Ray's Building Site thread below).

That's all for the moment, will continue in May, all being well.
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Good luck with the new layout Ray. Can I ask "What is a Bangor style footbridge" ?
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QUOTE (Rhiwderin_Ray @ 6 Apr 2012, 13:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bangor, N. Wales has a distinctive twin tower footbridge. Towers incorporate lifts.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can change the turntable arrangement easily. May be able to remove the diesel shed and change the approach. Will have a think!

No sketch pads, unfortunately I have to study for Open University while away and write a 2000 word essay!

Cheers Ray. The essay should be easy. Write it on model railways
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My layout is based on one of Freezer's plans. I increased the size of the plan to fit my space. This along with what Robert said above about gradients eased any gradient problems.
That looks like a nice set for £6
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